A Chance for Dialogue

By November 3, 2017Pinpoint Blog

Have you ever been at a party and you get introduced to some guy who starts talking and never shuts up? “He isn’t interested in me at all,” you think to yourself. All he wants to do is talk about how great and interesting he is. Of course, that’s just before you start looking for a way to give the dude the slip.

Advertising used to be that way. It used to be a monologue; a one-way conversation going in this direction: advertiser to target-audience. Today, because of digital marketing and social media, your target market and you can have a conversation. How exciting is that? Do you know how easy it is to make friends when two people are having an actual dialogue where they are sharing feelings and ideas?

Engage your audience; give them something they’ll want to talk to you about. When and however they do, listen, respond and invite more talking.

It’s always easiest to sell to a friend.

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