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Our Amazon Optimization and management service fine tunes your brand position and pay-per-click marketing efforts to increase returns on your advertising dollars. We have years of experience and have helped generate millions of dollars in product sales on the Amazon marketplace using our systematic, data-driven approach.

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Pinpoint Digital - Amazon Marketing Optimization Process




Know Your Competition

Analyze all valuable data, including customer and traffic information. Gleam similar insights from your competitors to best develop an approach.

Keyword Research

Constantly monitor keywords we think are best to ensure performance, interchanging them based on priority of advertising conversions

Competitor Research

We learn your market segment down to every niche. Find and evaluate your competitors and gather their selling specs and price points. We then compare that data to our own through to further optimize sales.



Maximize Your Sales Offer

Analyze all valuable data, including customer and traffic information. Gleam similar insights from your competitors to best develop an approach.

Sales Copy Optimization

Includes images, videos, quality copywriting for titles/bullet points/descriptions. Enhanced branded content (EBC) to ensure higher focus on campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

On page improvements, such as finding all relevant keywords for your product and integrating them into the listing copy to effectively increase sales. Off page keyword tweaks through Amazon's back end.



Drive Relevant Traffic to Listings

Constant testing to ensure traffic with the highest intent, and the best keyword combination possible.

Amazon PPC Optimization

Expertise in all Amazon ad types, whether AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) through vendor central or sponsored/branded ads through Seller Central.

Maximize ROAS

Setup of multiple campaigns and isolating high conversion keywords to drop costs and produce more sales.



Get More Value From Your Customers

The best marketing comes from your existing customers. Ensure they're pleased to spread the word and also buy again.

Amazon Reviews

Create a system to produce reviews from real, satisfied, customers through means approved by Amazon’s current Terms of Service. We'll help you avoid negative reviews with detailed product descriptions and detailing how to contact customers to make things right.

Customer Support

We help you understand how to contact customers and develop the proper strategies/tools to ensure customers get the support they need.



Find More Customers Outside of Amazon

Leverage your well built Amazon page, that’s backed by social proof to more customers, by bringing in outside traffic from other websites or platforms.

Targeted Landing Pages

Setup of heatmaps, Google Analytics, and retargeting pixels.Qualify and retarget leads while generating a categorized email list.

Increase PPC Traffic

Drive traffic from Google, YouTube, and Facebook Advertising -- while funneling the relevant traffic through our tailored landing pages with micro conversion to gather data.

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