When Allan immigrated to the United States as a 6-year-old from the Philippines, he and his mother shared love and gratitude for their new country, but they had very different perspectives as to what it all meant. Allan’s mother preached that they were supposed to keep their heads down, work very hard and be grateful for what they had. For Allan, he had the hard work gene in spades, but to him the American dream meant that they were supposed to be in constant pursuit of that dream. The way he saw it, greater possibilities were everywhere.

The excitement with which Allan embarked on his life as an American has never left him. It is why he is such a perfect fit for the new digital age of marketing. One of his greatest joys is being able to walk with his clients through all the possibilities that customized marketing plans create for them. “Their eyes light up,” Allan says. “It’s a very American moment, if you ask me—the beginning to a new future.”

Part of Allan’s success has come from his perspective that the digital age of marketing is not at all about 1s and 0s, but people; individuals with needs. “Data tells a story,” he adds, “and stories are all about people with the same dream of a better life. I help my clients reach and satisfy them. At the same time, they are making their own dreams come true. What’s more exciting than that?”

Digital Marketing Strategist & Plan Development
Innovative technology applications
Crowd Funding Campaign Manager
Branding and Messaging
Creative Direction in all media formats
Independent Film Producer
Media Development

Principal, Lead Producer

It all started when Nicole’s high school tennis coach presented her with the results of her doubles play as opposed to when she played singles. She could put up some nice numbers in doubles. But in singles she was 0-10.

“Figure out why,” her coach demanded.

She did. She realized that when she was a part of a team, even a team of 2, it was fun, social, and the best part of all was sharing the wins with her teammates. Nothing was better than that.

That shutout record was better than a Myers Briggs. Nicole learned that she would excel as long as she was part of a team. When she graduated into the corporate world she became a commercial and film producer—a collaborative team sport if there ever was one—and a role she parlayed into a 25-year career. She believes success depends on the understanding and ability to bring disparate elements and people together to achieve a common goal.

Today, Nicole continues to do what she’s always been drawn to. As a principle of Pinpoint, she gets to bring a team together to get the win for the client. “Digital marketing is all about people,” Nicole says. “It may not seem like it on the surface, but it’s all about leveraging technology to make connections. And you can’t do that alone.”

National Advertising agency COMMERCIAL PRODUCER
Creative Direction in all media formats
MUSIC PRODUCER & management
MUSIC Publishing & licensing (Indie to Majors)
BOOK PUBLISHING (Self-Publishing to Custom Binding)


After 20 years of writing scores of TV commercials, radio and print in New York, Los Angeles and San Diego, Dave received an assignment he didn’t see coming and never wanted. He was asked to put aside his ad chops and simply write a story about a woman who had something remarkable happen to her.

It was the moment that changed his life.

As soon as the story was posted, Dave was blindsided by the outpouring of emotion that came with writing that story. In all of his days as a copywriter, he had never seen anything like it.

For the next seven years he devoted himself to doing nothing but writing and studying stories. His conclusion about the phenomenon of story? Story is human. Story is how we make sense of our lives. Story is power.

Today, Dave is a story consultant with this message to businesses: if digital marketing is all about people (and it most certainly is) then you can sell your product or service all day long using features and benefits. But it’s only when you convey your story that anybody really cares.

AUTHOR & BIOGRAPHER (Business & Personal Legacy)
SPEAKER (Power of Story)