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By October 17, 2017Pinpoint Blog

There have been people who have warned me that giving away the secrets of what my company does, as I do, is crazy. If our clients could take our processes, then turn around and do their own digital marketing, how did I expect to make any money, right?

Today, good will is currency. What we can give away finds a way of coming back—it may not always be in money, but it can be in friendship, or referrals, or longevity, or loyalty, or positive feelings that enhance morale, or…

Business used to be about dollars and cents. Not anymore. Slowly, it is transitioning to the point where companies are feeling freer and freer to be generous with clients—and generosity repays the giver with a sense of fulfillment, and who couldn’t use more of that?

That’s why we give our clients our secret sauce and offer to help where we can, more times than not, they will call us back and say No thanks. We’ve decided you can do it better than us. But every time, they are grateful. Gratitude, generosity, fulfillment, relationship…these are the kinds of things that will add to your life far more than money ever will.

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