Courting the Sale

By October 21, 2017Pinpoint Blog

The great thing about finding a wife is that you can just walk right up to her at a party, introduce yourself and then ask her to marry you. Works every time, right?

Courting someone for marriage is a lot like trying to make a sale. There’s stuff you have to do in between the introduction and the proposal. You have to engage them and keep them engaged. And you can’t really let the cat out of the bag too soon. You can’t say, hey I’m really only doing this to try to get you to like and then marry me. No one likes to be a project.

What you must do is start a relationship. Tell them your story or stories. Give them a chance to like you, and sense that you’re real and genuine, and that you have a good heart.

Do this. Take your phone. Make videos of interesting things that come up in your business or life, edit it into something snappy, and then post it on all your social media channels. If you don’t see sales rise, not to worry. You’re just laying the groundwork for a great marriage.

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