Need Smart Ads?

By October 5, 2017Pinpoint Blog

The age of digital marketing, where your online search data gives advertisers the ability to put messaging right smack dab in front of you, has created this conversation: does an ad need to be clever? Or can it just tell ‘em what you want to tell ‘em?

You don’t need to be clever. The mere sight of the product should catch their attention and create readership. But let that not keep you from putting in the extra time to give your ad a smart concept and design, provided the smartness doesn’t obscure your message. Here’s the thing. If you give your audience a smart ad, they make this association: Hmm, smart ad, must be a smart company.

You want that. It’s a meaningful addition to your brand.

So give the creation of your ad some time. Write something that makes them sit up in their chair. Or hire out of for it, and for heaven’s sake, let a designer take a wack at the layout. A poorly designed ad will work against you.

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