The Power of a Story – Part III

By November 6, 2017Pinpoint Blog

If your company has a product and you’d like to boost its memorability in the mind of the target audience, there is one surefire way. In fact, you’ve already proven this surefire way in your own life many times over. Just check your dresser drawers in your room, or your shelves or the walls of your house.

There are things all over your home that you would have thrown away long ago if not for the story; the sentimental value attached to it because it was given by a friend or a parent or it was purchased when you were with someone you loved.

In fact, those stories are so strong, so meaningful, that no matter where you move in life, these mostly valueless items will come with you almost as if they own you and not the other way around. You would never and will never choose to be without them. They are a part of you. The stories have connected that deeply.

That’s what stories do.

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