Your brand comes down to one thing. Story.

Unleash yours.

A well-told story captures and creates loyalty like no other medium. Our writers, producers and filmmakers combine their vast experience in storytelling to bring commercial-to-motion picture know-how to your video production. Intention, strategy, audience engagement or call to action – this is the basis of any effective video production and where Pinpoint begins to determine what category of video creation is best for your needs.

Testimonial Videos

Real People, Real Story

Since the beginning of advertising, nothing is more persuasive than the personal story. The fastest way to build a relationship is through sharing your personal stories.

Concept Videos

Commercial / Promotional

Conceptual advertising whether comedic, dramatic, slice-of-life or metaphorical is a memorable and powerful strategy for video.

Crowdfunding Videos

Fundraising Videos Assets

Succinctly telling your WHY and the details of your project in a narrative form is itself an art and critical to your crowdfunding effort. Your fundraising results depend on an impactful video.

Event Videos

Event Capture / Event Promo

When an audience can experience your event as if they were there, it’s an effective way to encourage their engagement, participation or conversion.

Narrative Videos

Features and Short Films

Sometimes your story or concept is best told in a narrative form by a scripted film drama or concept.

Video Animations

Motion Graphics and Animations

Utilizing our excellent graphics team amplifies the impact of any and all our video projects.