The Digital Shadow

By September 23, 2017Pinpoint Blog

If there are any of you who are not yet hyper-impressed by the miracle of digital marketing, please, take a moment to marvel.

How ever advertising/marketing began, whether a flirtatious glance or an etching on the side of a cave, marketers have been trying to figure out how to reach the most people ever since. For thousands of years, the basic function was marketers trying to attract their audience to them; a stationary target trying to get attention.

But digital marketing has changed all that. For the first time, marketing messages actually follow you. Based on your personal data compiled from your online behavior—searches of certain products—a marketer’s message goes where you do—because you’ve already verified you’re someone interested in what they have to sell.

Search a certain type of shoe and it can show up as a banner on your next search. For a good price, too. Hmm. And what’s this? Free shipping?

Of course, you may be one of those who does not want to pester your audience into submission. Forget that. Your competition is following your target audience like a shadow. You need to get in the game.


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