The Power of Relatability

By October 13, 2017Pinpoint Blog

It’s fairly easy to imagine that when the very first ATM was introduced, people felt uncomfortable taking their money out of a machine. They did, and it was initially a bust.

But a very forward-thinking ad agency out of Atlanta came up with an idea—to humanize the machine by giving it a voice. They hired the friendly sound of a voice actor named Sue Bennett (who later became the voice of Siri) who welcomed folks to the ATM and, off course, it caught on—changing nights out on the town forever.

But don’t miss the wisdom. To humanize a product is to make it relatable. That is what a story does. When you can add a story to your product, people have no choice but to relate. And suddenly, your audience feels they know you. And it’s always easier to sell to friends than to strangers.

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