You’re trying to leverage technology to solve a problem for your business.  


Maybe you’re trying to increase revenue through an improved e-Commerce website, a new app build, or a customer referral program. Maybe you want to improve customer statisfaction through a better support system or return merchandise process.  Perhaps you want to improve business ops through an integrated accounting and inventory system.

Whatever the goals might be, the process to solve your business problem can be frustrating.  Here’s why.

You know your business (and what it needs) better than anyone, but can’t say the same about tech. So you research. You Google, check out websites, submit info requests, and even take some service pitch meetings. You ask around your network about their experiences and insights. Now, you’re even getting hit with daily ads from “experts” who all claim to have the magic bullet for your headache (because the algorithms have detected your search).

You’re smart, so you quickly know more about potential tech approaches to solve your problem.  But you’re still not sure if you know quite enough.  You don’t know what you don’t know.  You’re crafting a game plan, but could use the support of an expert voice you can trust. One with broad experience in creating successful business tech solutions. A driver, proficient at the strategic and tactical levels, working on your behalf to maximize the technical services and resources you employ to achieve your business goals.  



(Project based CMO/CTO)